(...), The Renault E-TECH hybrid technology is the smart combination of an specifically adapted 1.6L naturally aspirated 4 cylinder engine and 2 electric motors to propose the best efficiency thanks to a clutchless gearbox inspired by Renault DP World F1® Team expertise. The Mégane R.S. When Adrian Newey joined Head in the design office in mid-1990, the combination of the pair’s expertise and Renault’s (...), Nigel Mansell had success with Williams-Honda in the mid-1980s, finishing narrowly second to Alain Prost in the 1986 championship before going on to become the last driver personally selected by Enzo Ferrari to join the Italian team in 1988. Georgia After finishing fifth in the 1990 championships, the Briton was on the verge of retirement before Frank Williams convinced him of the potential of the team’s new partnership with Renault. Born from a close collaboration between Renault Sport Cars and Renault Sport Racing engineers, R.S. Williams Renault won both the BTCC Constructor and Team titles in only their fourth year of (...). The Renault Spider Series ran as a support race to both F1 and the British Touring Car Championship, and is also notable for producing future BTCC champion Jason Plato – who won 11 of the 14 races in its inaugural year. Its lightweight chassis was made from aluminum honeycomb composite monocoque and carbon fibre, and its brakes were also carbon fibre all round. Production ended in 1999, but the Renault Spider is fondly remembered by fans for its radical design and exciting performance. The Renault 20 Dakar went on to take the 1982 Paris-Dakar title as the pair outfoxed their rivals in the desert. Tested under the most extreme conditions, and with onboard telemetry to monitor every detail, it brings motorsport efficiency and reliability to the road. Mongolia It still had its fans, however, including such drivers as Hungarian Rally Champion Attila Ferjáncz, who won his national championship in the Renault in both 1976 and 1977. BZ CONSULT Unpractical. Timor Drivers changed every three hours to reduce fatigue to a minimum, and engineers battled throughout to patch a crack on the radiator, but after 48 hours, three minutes and 14 seconds of driving, tthe Nervasport crossed the finishing line having broken nine international records and three world records, (...). Championnat de France Formule Renault 1981 standings Championship points standings for the Championnat de France Formule Renault 1981. Rally Castelo Branco (Portugal) (23-24 April) Departure from Place de la Concorde saw 382 participant vehicles set off in an atmosphere of fun and fanfare. The bodywork, however, was to be something else and required input from another sector. Compared to the “standard” competition Renault 17 Gordini, the weight distribution and the front axle layout on the Group 5 version were optimised in order to gain the most benefit from its constantly increasing engine power. Thanks to an innovative clutchless transmission, also based on Renault DP World F1® Team derived technology, friction losses (...). finance. 275 Trophy-R was a two-seater derivative of the latest Mégane R.S. New Captur R.S. Race reports, results and technical features from the grid. Its powerful engine, allied with confidence-inspiring handling and braking, comes with optional details such as F1-style launch control and steering wheel paddles and mutli-change down technology on EDC (...), Every generation of the Mégane R.S. Line version comes as a sporty flagship in the New CAPTUR range, featuring in the R.S. Every detail has been reconsidered to bring the best performance and endurance on the track: from its new Cup chassis and bi-material brakes to its Torsen® limited slip differential, 19-inch caps and Bridgestone S007 wheels, nothing has been overlooked in the quest for driving (...). -- Formule 1 : Alain Prost se réjouit des résultats de Renault ! Barbados Liberia The car immediately broke the 24-hour record, covering 3,384.74 km at an average speed of 141.03kph. With R.S. Palau Lesotho Equatorial Guinea Your desire to bond and share with the R.S. Swaziland Performance chimes with sportsmanship. Jobs Renault Sport Cars (Les Ulis) Sebastian Vettel has big shoes to fill as Sergio Perez's replacement, says Brawn. valeur Renault Sport Series Owners also appreciated the plaque displaying its number in the limited-edition run. Eritrea Energy regeneration effectively recovers losses during braking and deceleration. The Sports Yellow bodywork, prominent side scoop, bulging headlights, and lack of side windows added to the highly distinctive, streamlined look of the car. Si l’écurie officielle Renault a finalement échoué dans sa quête de podium final en Formule 1, la formation au losange peut se consoler grâce à Mclaren. Kosovo 23 Bd Albert 1er, Monaco. Jordan Kuwait When Simca closed its racing department in 1956, he moved to Renault and the result was a match made in heaven. Other innovations included a blow-off valve derived from F1 and a 2.35m-long carbon fibre driveshaft taken from the Espace (...). Andorra renault. With the Cup chassis and limited-slip differential as standard, ‘Öhlins Road&Track’ one-way adjustable dampers with composite springs and MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres were also part of the package. Sodemo Moteurs tuned the four-cylinder, 1,998 cc engine to produce 280hp and a top speed of 260 km/h. Ethiopia Nicaragua Alonso and teammate Giancarlo Fisichella won three victories and a third place during the first four races of the 2005 season. Individual driver statistics for the 1976 Challenge de Formule Renault Europe Perhaps the most impressive feature of the R26.R was how it captured the spirit of Renault Sports. Hungary Wolff on Russell: A star is born and sky's the limit. Formule Renault Classic. Macedonia Rally Islas Canarias (10-12 March) The four-cylinder, 1998 cc engine and six-speed gearbox were reliable and the performance and affordability of the car allowed generations of drivers to develop their track skills. Politique de confidentialité. It was a front wheel drive, front-engined, two-door coupé with an overhead valve, 1600cc engine and five-speed manual gearbox. model cars and their drivers and you get the R.S. Namely E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid, the rechargeable variant comes with a high capacity battery that can be topped up with an outside charging source – either at home or on the road – to extend your range under electric power. Egypt Trinidad and Tobago Trophy or a Renault 5 Turbo? The engine position was lowered to bring down the centre of gravity in comparison to the R24 model, which had placed third in the previous season to lay a promising foundation for the future. This 16-valve turbocharged powerplant develops 230bhp and a torque of 310 Nm, with 90% of the maximum torque available between 2000 and 6000 rpm. São Tomé and Príncipe Japan Qatar Renault CEO Pierre Dreyfus saw the sporting potential of the company’s rear engined, rear-wheel-drive models and reached out to designer Amédée Gordini. Belarus About GPFans GPFans is a multi-platform, multi-language brand dedicated to Formula One coverage. The result was a 2.0L V6 turbo that went on to record success with (...), The rules of F1 TM at the time permitted 3.0 litre engines of natural aspiration, with a clause for a 1.5 litre supercharged or turbocharged engine – but none of the other teams took up the option before Renault. Voire plus, au-delà, selon l’efficacité du nouveau règlement. Daniel Ricciardo enters his second season as a Renault DP World F1 Team driver. After tough negotiations, Mansell agreed to become lead driver (...), Newey’s newly designed car, the FW14 with a Renault RS3 3.5 V10 engine made its debut at the 1991 United States Grand Prix held on a street circuit in Phoenix, Arizona but both drivers retired early with gear box issues. Line label is born. In France, it sold out the same day it was released (July 1, 2014) at a tax-paid price of €45,000. While offering its innovative E-TECH technology on its best popular cars Renault makes hybrid cars available to evryone with an extensive offer available on all R.S. Sabelt carbon-fibre bucket seats made their contribution to weight loss, with the rear seats removed completely. Australia In the same race, it was also the first car to use radial tyres, provided by Michelin, while at the 1979 South African Grand Prix at Kyalami, it became the first turbocharged car to score pole position in an F1TM race – quite literally turning the racing world on its head. From mechanical parts to bodywork elements, you will find on this shop all the products and accessories to reach the top ! Afghanistan He was also responsible for the Renault Scenic and Renault Mégane II, both voted European Car of the Year in 1997 and 2003 (...), Renault Dealer Racing joined the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) in 1993, with Tim Harvey and Alain Menu in a Renault 19 16S. Plongés dans le monde professionnel, ils sont soumis à la pression de la compétition. Ukraine Somalia Czech Republic The result, using an aluminium chassis and a cast iron engine block (to withstand the pressures of turbocharging), debuted at the 1977 (...), By the time the United States Grand Prix came around on October 1, 1978, the Renault R.S. The Trophy-R branded F1-type front blade, chequered flag on the front doors and other graphics added to the sporty looks, set off by 19-inch black or red Speedline wheel rims. Mov. Bosnia Herzegovina The series will visit nine circuits around the Europe, with one overseas round at Abu Dhabi. Brunei Papua New Guinea Louis Renault charged Robert Plessier, who worked in the testing shop, with breaking records and Plessier chose American J.A. Victoires en Formule Renault Eurocup, 12 Rue André Citroën Renault took a break from F1 at the end of the 1997 season but rejoined in 2000 after taking over the Benetton team. In all, 14 models were prepared at the factory to represent the R17 on the world rally (...). Singapore Kiribati Oman Renault prévoit de supprimer la Formule Renault Eurocup pour créer un nouveau championnat de F3 régionale en 2019. Yes Togo A more direct steering rack, with 3.25 turns between stops, was another major improvement. Guatemala Formula One 200 EDC – boasts a 1.6-litre direct injection turbo engine that develops 220 hp and constant torque of 270Nm. Estonia The Williams name promised to bring a real performance edge to the ongoing battle of the “hot hatches”. Russia Take more than 120 years of Renault motor racing experience, including four decades at the sharp end of Formula 1®, and distil it into a set of accessories, parts and apparel for R.S. Guyana With no any attempt at comfort, the prototype focussed on thrills and pure driving pleasure. With a rear-mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout and five-speed mechanical gearbox, the two-seat roadster’s acceleration, braking and roadholding were sensational. Lequel ayant été conçu dans l’optique de redistribuer les cartes. Renault Sport is proud to introduce you to a unique digital platform designed specifically for you. fans. Côte d'ivoire Bolivia Other alternatives are Glacier White, Etoilé Black and Cassiopée Grey. With its innovative options, E-TECH hybrid technology puts Renault firmly in the driving seat during the ongoing transition to the vehicle of the future. You may object to processing of your information, without any ground when objecting to direct marketing and based on grounds relating to your particular situation for other cases, and to restrict processing of your information. Sporting a new two-tone colour scheme, an Etoilé Black roof matched with an Pearlescent White finish, the Mégane R.S. A pioneer in the one-make series field with more than fifty years of experience, Renault Sport Racing’s know-how and expertise benefit the professional and gentlemen drivers alike through a modern, competitive and accessible product from 2020: the fifth generation of New Clio Cup! Djibouti This created a total motoring environment for the driver, where the unique blast of the Akrapovič exhaust or squeal from the Michelin tyres became part of the soundtrack. Niger With no power steering, ABS or heating, it was perhaps more at home on the track than on the road, a point reinforced by its two bucket seats and prominent roll bar. competizioni@sporteamequipment.it Calendar Seychelles With a guaranteed technical and sporting equity, the drivers will be able to compete on equal terms in six of the most beautiful events of the French Rally Championship 2017: Touquet, Antibes, Rouergue, Mont Blanc, Heart of France and the Var. Trophy-R showed Renault Sport’s engineers hadn’t rested on their laurels after breaking records in 2008 and 2011 with earlier incarnations of the Mégane. Ecuador With E-TECH innovative hybrid technology, both electric and gasoline power units are optimised to deliver the best balance between performance and fuel efficiency. Trophy was notable for its road-holding on dry roads, especially through tighter turns, as well as in the wet. Having won the World Rally Championship in 1973 with the amazing RWD, rear-engined Renault-Alpine 110, it was a bold move by Renault to develop a high-performance version of the R17 TS. The LED daytime running lights also add to the striking and distinctive look. Via our simple search engine and location filter on Le Club, it is now easier than ever to meet like-minded people near you. Trophy marked the introduction of a new Sirius Yellow finish, a metallic paint immediately recognisable to Renault Sport fans for its association with the company’s racing heritage. Portugal The brothers went on to break the world record for the Cape Town to Algiers run in 1971 and featured in several other African races before taking their little Renault 4 Sinpar 4X4 to (...), Another assault on the Paris-Dakar title was planned for 1981, this time using a Renault 20 as the base. The Trophy version was developed specifically for racing, aimed at a new one-car series. Painted in 449 Metallic Sports Blue, the blue theme was continued into seatbelts, instrument dials and as a highlight on top of the chunky gear lever. Luckily this is now over. The 1966 model was tweaked even further, with stronger wheel arches and other chassis strengthening, while the door and rear numbers were (...), The 1966 R8 Gordini was boosted with a 1255cc engine with twin Weber 40DCOEs. Based on Mégane R.S., the TC4 adopts a full body kit that greatly improves aerodynamics, a more powerful engine reaching 360 bhp thanks to full electronic (...), The TC4 was developed to provide purists with all the adrenaline and speed they could wish for, allowing them to achieve an impressive level of performance on the track during their riding sessions (it is not road approved). Colombia Designed as a “mini touring car” based on the Renault Sport CLIO 2.0 16v, the original CLIO Cup’s technical data sheet was the stuff of dreams. Bulgaria • 20 - 22 october 2016 - Rallye International du Valais - Suisse San Marino Sri Lanka Initially a hatchback model, with an estate version coming a year later, it was designed by Patrick Le Quément who had completely revamped Renault’s design department in 1987. Trophy builds on the success of its predecessor, a challenge as well as an inspiration. Pakistan motorsport. The Mégane R.S. Six rounds of the French Rally Championship Stability is in order, because of the success met during the past years by the Trophy. TROPHY-R has been designed with aerodynamic and technical efficiency in mind, underpinned by a total focus on improving performance. Palestine New Zealand Antigua and Barbuda Rally 2 Valli (14-16 october) Official Partner Sparco, Welcome on the official Renault Sport Racing parts shop ! Jamaica Lithuania Taking just 5.8 seconds to reach 100km/h from a standing start, it went on to a maximum track speed of 255km/h. In response, Plessier and Garfield virtually invented the (...), Plessier, Garfield and their team remained unsatisfied – and in 1926 launched an NM Type 40 CV car as a single seater model with further streamlining and, crucially, the radiator placed behind the engine to improve cooling. Suriname 07/12 at 12:10. or have you always dreamt of owning a Renault Clio Williams, a 2011 Mégane R.S. Rally Di Roma Capital (23-25 september) Slovakia The pair organised the team, oversaw production and even took the (...), Plessier and Garfield’s first attempt at producing a record breaker took the 40CV Type MC, tapered the rear of the body, removed the wings and windscreen and modified gearing to increase the top speed from 135 to 175kph. The major upgrade was a four-wheel independent suspension and disc brakes all round. Eventually, their excellent navigation and driving skills won through, and they resisted the (...), In the early 1970s, Renault began production on one of its best-ever selling models, the Renault 5 (known as Le Car in the USA). 07/12 at 22:45. He called on (...), Louis Renault’s aim was to associate the Nervasport name with extreme power and aerodynamics – and the rules for construction were simple: take the standard engine from the production line and have the body supported by a wooden frame and a standard chassis. In his first year wearing Renault colours, Daniel finished in points-scoring positions on eight separate occasions, with a season high fourth place coming at the Italian Grand Prix. We bring you all the ins and outs of the sport, 24/7, everything from up-to-the-minute news and features to the latest viral stories and clips. En 9 saisons, elle a remporté par trois fois le titre par équipe (2017, 2018, 2019) et deux fois le titre pilote (Max Fewtrell en 2018, Oscar Piastri en 2019). La Formule Renault Eurocup est le championnat phare de R-ace GP. The Renault Sport-etched 350/28-diameter steel and aluminium discs were ideally adapted to intensive circuit use, bringing more confidence and a sharper bite when needed. The Mégane R.S. Austria Monaco Chile His journey to Formula 1 included four years (...). Trophy burst into fame in 2011 when it set a new front-wheel drive record of 8’08” at the Nürburgring’s famous Nordschleife. The engine was now a four-cylinder 1100cc engine with a new cylinder head and twin Solex carburettors producing 80hp at 6500rpm and a top speed of 170km/hr, remarkable for its time. The Nordschleife record was a first for Renault Sport and the 8:17.54 time obliterated the previous mark by 9 seconds. A second small fuel tank at the front also helped balance the handling in the 1966 model, toggled by a small tap between the front seats. With Le Club, R.S. * The car and team were now in perfect shape for a record-breaking (...), The date for an attempt at the world 48-hour record was set as April 4-5, 1934 on the Montlhéry circuit, and the team’s target was a high one: 6,300km at an average speed of more than 132kph. The engineering teams at R.S. However it was the 1997 season that was to put the Renault Laguna into the record books. alpine. Renault Sport Team Vitality is involved in professional video games competitions. You may ask for receiving a copy of your information in a structured and standard format.To exercise any of these rights, you may contact us, providing a proof of your identity, by email at dpo@renault.com and by post at Renault SAS, Legal Department – Data Protection, 13/15 quai le Gallo 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France.For more information, please follow this link Personal Data, E-TECH Plug- in Hybrid - Technology Explained, A NEW DRIVING EXPERIENCE FOR MORE PLEASURE AND EFFICIENCY, Stay up to date with the latest Renault Sport Team Vitality news, EVENTS: FIND THE BEST R.S. United Arab Emirates Canada Latvia With maximum power of 265hp, and a peak torque of 360Nm across a particularly broad rev-band (3,000 to 5,000rpm), the Mégane R.S.’s 2.0-litre turbocharged engine was tuned to perfection. model cars and their drivers and you get the R.S. A real TCR replica suitable for all track days and which a few lucky customers will be able to have built by the Swiss team. Philippe Renault: Ecurie Elf: Martini MK33 (Renault) 164. This racing DNA was to continue into the 1966 model, whose major (...), A press release of 1964 made the aim of Renault CEO Pierre Dreyfus very clear in developing the new car: : +34 678 012 104 Cambodia • 8 - 10 july 2016 - Rallye Bourgogne / Côte Chalonnaise - France Philippines Overview; Overview; Le Club; Store A five-speed gearbox, gold Speedline alloys and disc brakes all round, ventilated at the front, completed the “pocket rocket” package, not to mention a Phillips stereo radio (...). Driven by an eight-litre 4,825cc engine and with a three-speed gearbox providing transmission to the rear wheels, it could achieve 108hp and deliver a maximum speed of 170kph. Legacy, class, style and performance. Even the jack was made of aluminium in the search for weight loss, and a radio was an optional extra. The 2019 Formula Renault Eurocup is a multi-event motor racing championship for open wheel, formula racing cars held across Europe. SPORT TEAM EQUIPMENT Nigeria You decide what you want to see, read and post. Performance with the racing experience of Vuković Motorsport and its WTCR Méganes. No, Protection of your personal data matters to Renault.Your personal data are processed by Renault SAS and the members of its dealer network, as joint controllers.Your personal data are used for your information requests, internal reporting purposes, sending personalised marketing messages, notably news about products, special offers, invitations to events or games and contests, newsletter, ensuring the quality and continuous improvement of our products and services, notably by using business analytics technologies on your data.You have the right to request access to your information. Luxembourg Track-day fans could also add a lithium-ion battery to trim another 16kg off the overall weight and vital seconds off lap times. Korea South Renamed the Renault F1 Team in 2002, its first win was at the 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix, then again at the 2004 Monaco Grand Prix. Over the course of the season, 15 poles and 10 victories (including six 1-2s) were recorded. USA, Subject * Little did people know it would soon conquer one of the world’s most prestigious rally (...), In February 1980, a bare body was delivered to the Marreau brothers, and the pair set out to cut, strengthen and weld their ideal car ready for the 1981 edition of the race. Costa Rica Externally, the car looked like a standard Laguna, in line with the rules of BTCC, but it was a very different beast under the hood.