Instagram: @sarah_marshall___ Skip Nav. News startups sprouted up as Facebook and other platforms provided millions of eyeballs to stories. Chris Sutcliffe @chrismsutcliffeNews editor for the Media Briefing. Sarah Marshall’s Instagram is filled with pictures of her main man. Mel here. Photo by Rolf Brecher on Flickr. A social media editor may respond to comments or take an action as simple as liking an Instagram post or Facebook comment, showing the reader the news brand is listening. An advantage of the pageview metric for Hamilton? Mindy McAdams @maclooA digital journalism professor. Tags: audience development audience engagement ONA online news association. One of the Interactive Journalism students asked how to grow follower numbers, particularly if you are starting from a small base. She kept her basketball dreams alive, although in a non-playing capacity. The publisher owns the pricing, data and customer relationship, Jon said. Kristen Hare @kristenhareReports on the news industry for Poynter. Felicity Morse @FelicityMorseA joy to follow for her humour, Felicity is a digital editor at the Independent. if you have not told Facebook which part of a web page contains the title / headline, it will likely pull the incorrect information or image into the share post. Before she settled down with Matt, she tore up the Maine basketball record books. I often want to find an article I tweeted a few days or even years ago. In addition to running, the students also run two local news sites: Hackney Post and Islington Now. Facebook is “still in the learning and testing phase”, testing inline vs interstitial ads, for example. As mentioned above, friend shares have become increasingly important since the change of the algorithm. Clicking and Reading are different things. Media Briefing @mediabriefA news site covering the business side of journalism. Marshall’s fan following is steadily rising on Instagram. We just love how adorable this sports power couple look! Facebook users) are tracked rather than cookies. He’s ex New York Times, Reuters and Mashable. Here’s my current order as an illustration: You can add columns by using the + symbol on the left of Tweeteck and then adding a user or list, for example. Lucia Moses @lmoses Senior editor at Digiday. This class also looked at social media guidelines and we discussed. A share happens in two ways: Since the major algorithm change announced in January, the second type of share has become particularly important as this is about organic sharing between friends, an action Facebook promotes. Know the most useful Twitter search. A post shared by Sarah Ryan (@sryan03) on Jun 10, 2017 at 9:52am PDT. Marshall was a star basketball player in high school and has a fantastic resumé, including being a twice named Maine Gatorade Player of the Year recipient. Jack Marshall @JackMarshallJack is a media reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Again, this is measured by the Graph API, by using post_engaged_fan. He’s now social and new formats editor at the Guardian. He was one of the founding team at Quartz. Here’s a pro tip for you, if you want to add bullet points to a tweet, you can do so by using the alt + 8 shortcut (on a Mac). Facebook login on owned and operated sites and apps. Focus on ‘engaged time’ and ‘recirculation’. 2. You may decide to reply to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter comments, for example, to host and engage your audience. She’s ex FT and behind the Buzzfeed News app. common ways that View the profiles of people named Sarah Marshall. Marshall was a born athlete and played many sports while was studying at Catherine McAuley High School in Maine. Creative Commons. Guiding a broad offering of stories that appeal to large numbers of people, That includes evergreen content that delivers long-tail audiences, Shepherding in-depth, quality reporting that delights and keeps readers returning, Developing series to attract loyal readers, SEO, social, email newsletter, and off-platform strategies, Working with product to ensure sites and platforms are optimised for search, Ensuring the brands host conversations and communities to keep people engaged and connected, Search / SEO. Following his ‘measure, test, learn’ guidance, he suggested trialling whether share buttons are most effective at the top of articles, at the bottom of articles or if the site should adopt large buttons that are fixed and always in view (Buzzfeed uses this approach). It also avoids having friends or family comment on a professional thread. Joseph Lichterman @ylichtermanYou’ll become familiar with Joseph’s byline. Here are my notes from a Facebook-led workshop. You’ll need to understand how to use it for newsgathering, plus you need to cultivate your own audience and personal profile as you launch your own career. 35 / 0. Facebook Analytics (not the same as the Facebook Page Insights) helps sites understand how people interact with content across Facebook and owned and operated sites and apps. Analyse what people share vs. what they read. Until recently he was at News Corp. He’s now CEO of Gizmodo Media Group. The title of audience development editor is relatively new. He’s one of a number of reporters in this list covering the news industry. When I met my City University journalism students for the first time last week and asked how they felt about using Twitter, a couple of the comments were: With those points in mind, here are some tips to get you started on Twitter. By typing from:anyhandle in the Tweetdeck search box and another search term you can find previous tweets. We have the scoop on Matt Ryan’s wife in our Sarah Marshall wiki. It was by far the most practical Facebook workshop I’ve attended. Tags: Twitter journalism city university of london interhacktives. (*I should note here that my title is now audience development editor for Europe, Middle East and Africa at The Wall Street Journal.). Before the development of the much-discussed Ophan analytics tool “data was like nuclear waste, people didn’t want to go anywhere near it”, Chris Moran said during a recent discussion (a panel marking the publication of the Reuters Institute report on newsroom analytics). Creative commons. Julia Haslanger wrote this Medium post in 2015 answering that question. Why Did She Retire from ABC7? Here's Where You Can Follow The Farmer Wants a Wife Contestants (and Farmers) on Instagram. “Audience development has become core to how publishers scale and make money. Her writing has appeared in The New Republic, BuzzFeed, and The Believer, among other publications, and she co-hosts You’re Wrong About, a podcast about misremembered history.A former future academic, she is now a traveling housesitter, babysitter, sled dog handler, and journalist. The Chartbeat whitepaper encourages you to “think beyond the click”. To see examples of Moments you can go to the lightning flash symbol on Again, that helps you start to make connections. Once KPIs have been set (such as unique users or loyal users, for example), the next step is to create an audience strategy. You may use Nuzzel to find news shared by the people you follow on Twitter but it can also be powered by lists. I explained that this could be used in a search such as the following: list:realnickperry/hackney-councillors to:PhilipGlanville ? Director of Hacks/Hackers London. She recently took to Instagram to reveal that the couple are expecting twins! This happens through commenting on site and social and Facebook groups, for example. Not sure what to tweet about? ©2020 Hearst UK is the trading name of the National Magazine Company Ltd, 30 Panton Street, Leicester Square, London, SW1Y 4AJ. Aside from that, what else are you interested in? Facebook doesn’t make this easy. This allows you to sort through busy search terms. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, a Corvias Scholar and and a representative from the Japanese American Citizens League to the Kakehashi Project, which builds bridges between the United States and Japan. Discussing this tactic, Jon shared some interesting data points. Recent Exhibitions. Text. On Friday, the day of the class, trending terms included “Nick Clegg” (after his new role at Facebook was announced) and #Internationalginandtonicday. This shows that the total share count is 997 (+ 41,677 reactions + 743 comments). What will your approach be? Data from Chartbeat (the first chart) and Parsely (the second chart) shows Facebook traffic declined throughout the previous year. Fr. For example: ?id= Elana Zak @elanazakElana grew a following while a student (in the UK). Another project idea from encourages you to calculate the average engaged time per visitor by looking at the pageview : engaged time ratio. Sree Sreenivasan @sreeSree famously announced he was on the market and the offers came to him. Adam Tinworth @addersBlogger, digital journalist, trainer, consultant (and familiar face to those on the Interhacktives course), Alberto Cairo @albertocairoData visualisation journalist. Image by Paul Hudson on Flickr. Brandon McMillan Leaving “Lucky Dog”: Why Did the Host Leave? "Jason Segel wrote Forgetting Sarah Marshall for he and I to do together, and he wrote that [Russell Brand] role [of Aldous Snow] for me. So what’s in it for the publisher? What will your beat or beats be? Join Facebook to connect with Sarah Marshall and others you may know. For example, I recommend you do this with @BBCBreaking (above right). And, of course, audiences may be engaged off platform. Analysts from two popular data platforms have published whitepapers, both of which include some great tips on making the most of data in the newsroom. I urge you to follow far and wide and to venture outside of the media bubble. Fashion? Sarah & Marshall Weiler Sarah Weiler First post: Dec 17, 2016 Latest post: Mar 20, 2020 On December 1, we went to our 20 week ultrasound to find out if our third baby was a boy or girl. When one student asked ‘how many times should I tweet?’ I suggested aiming to tweet three times a day. By filtering to see only tweets mentioning “Nick Clegg” that had more than 50 RTs and filtering mentions of #Internationalginandtonicday to those that had 40 RTs and 20 likes, we were able to easily find the top and most engaging tweets. These sections are prime for additional social distribution efforts. How is your news organisation measuring Facebook performance? Or as Jon Heaton, who is based in London and leads the Facebook EMEA Media Partner Engineering team, put it these are “12 tactics or ideas you can use to test, measure and learn”. Sport? We are anxiously awaiting their arrival in April. Perry Hewitt @perryhewittCreator of a Friday roundup of 5 links to emerging technologies and cool stuff. Jon’s advice on optimising for friend shares is to focus on the share plugins, the buttons on your site that readers click on to share to Facebook. Certified Sommelier Services from Sarah Marshall of SMWine Consulting. Justin Ellis @JustinNXTA former Nieman writer. Meet the conservation hero saving Zimbabwe's animals, both big and small By Sarah Marshall 3 Dec 2020, 11:39am. Asked in the Guardian interview if he would play a role in the distribution of news, he said: “Indeed, part of my work will be to extend the news and distribute them into the social networks, so that people can discuss them. Chartbeat encourages a focus on both keeping people on an article and getting them to click through to another. There’s a correlation between engaged time and the likelihood of a reader returning. Start by sharing the stories you find interesting. Back in 2012 I compiled a similar list when I was at This year I’m blogging my class notes. The question to answer, Hamilton said, is “what’s the loyal behaviour that will drive people to become members?”. Tweeting from an event where others are following the hashtag or jumping on a trending topic with a hashtag should ensure you pick up followers. Facebook has served over 10 million email opt-ins across publishers, Jon said. How many times will you aim to tweet? This will mean that you don’t miss messages and you can see when others are engaging with you (below left). If a Facebook user clicks to read a story and the web page is slow to load, she will likely click away. You will have noted the rise in Google traffic in the charts above, Email newsletters, which offer direct relationships with audiences, Diverse and distributed traffic, including Flipboard, Pinterest, Upday, for example. They key is to add columns in the order that they are most useful to you. Le chanteur Richard Anthony est mort cette nuit à l'âge de 77 ans. That might mean commissioning a story that plays into a Pinterest trend, for example. You can “use Custom Audiences to either remove current subscribers from targeting or target them specifically.“, The second option is using Instant Articles. But if you see a benefit for segmenting your contacts, it’s a good way to have control over who sees what. But from there the interests can diverge. Alison Gow @alisongowAllison is digital innovation editor for Trinity Mirror Regionals. Liz Heron @lheronLiz went from the New York Times to The Wall Street Journal to Facebook before back to the newsroom, taking a senior role at Huffington Post. You get the idea that there’s no one-size-fits-all audience strategy. HENRIETTA: 31, QLD Farmer she's looking to date: Alex Instagram handle: @henriettalily_ Image: Channel Seven. Talking heads, not a particularly engaging format for pre-made videos, work well live. We wish the parents-to-be all the best in their journey together! It’s one person’s take and very much aimed at UK students. Use UTM tracking to track traffic from the page vs traffic from friend shares, Jon also pointed out that to measure Facebook traffic from page shares vs friend shares publishers can use UTM parameters (or mod tags) and then segment in Google Analytics or Omniture. Both Ryan and Marshall graduated in 2007, and soon after, he joined the Atlanta Falcons. Ian Burrell @iburrellPreviously the Independent’s media reporter. Twitter officially launched threads in 2017. Jon explained that you do this by pulling in event channels (maybe a Messenger bot, maybe multiple pages) and once in view, you can then use the overlap functionality to look at how many users follow more than one page. Daniel Bentley @DJBentleyDaniel built a profile while still a student by showing digital smarts. The role was fairly similar – though needed less explaining to fellow journalists – when I joined The Wall Street Journal as a social media editor in December 2013. Amy Webb @amywebbAmy famously leads a session at ONA every year on future trends. You’ll be familiar with him if you’ve seen the film Page One. And while Facebook traffic has dropped significantly over the past year (more on that later), it still provides 28% of traffic to the news publishers that use Parsely, an analytics tool. There’s nothing new about getting content out to audiences, Kaplan said, but what is new is the idea of a relationship between the news organisation and the reader. Las Vegas, NV 89154-5085. Charlie Beckett @CharlieBeckettCharlie leads the Polis think tank at LSE. These news organisations with different goals all require different audience strategies and KPIs. I initially reported that the overall friend shares for this article was more than 43,000 shares, based on adding the URL to the graph.facebook URL. (I suggested in the Q&A that Facebook looks at creating a tool for this.). Kristine Lowe @KristineLoweKristine is a blogger and sharer of news industry tips and digital knowledge. Kate Day @kate_dayEx Telegraph, Kate now has a key role at Politico Europe. For example, if you want to attract new audiences, you should analyse what new readers consume. You can do this by studying the consumption habits of fans of the page versus non-fans. I’m a guest lecturer on the Interactive Journalism MA at City University London. optimising for Facebook’s Open Graph tags since 2014, Student journalist starter kit: who to follow on Twitter, similar list when I was at, How separate your personal and professional Facebook friends, 8 lessons in Facebook video from ONA London, 5 newsroom data tips from and Chartbeat, 4 Landing Page Design Myths that Actually Hurt Conversions, #hhldn: The hashtag for Hacks/Hackers London, Tweets from user @BBCBreaking as this gives me major news, Likes: Tweets I’ve liked. It’s helpful to think that every digital story starts with an audience of zero and it is our job as audience growth editors to find the right audience for that story. (via 4 Landing Page Design Myths that Actually Hurt Conversions). In the third class with my Interactive Journalism MA students we looked at analytics and creating an audience strategy. Paul Bradshaw @paulbradshawJournalism lecturer, data expert and behind a number of educational e-books. He also suggested testing the share quote plugin, an underused Facebook feature that allows readers to share a quote. That still holds true. “You can precisely target readers at all parts of the funnel,” he said. Measuring those relationshipsAudience development is about putting a metric to those relationships so that everyone in the newsroom can understand that relationship, Kaplan added. Getting data into the hands of every editor has been a major goal at The Guardian. Social newsgathering has become a whole field in itself, with agencies such as Storyful and organisations like Bellingcat being the pioneering experts. Minimal Theme designed by Artur Kim. This is useful as it can guide as to the type of content that is “prime for sharing”. Can I tailor it for the different platforms. You might want to include the @interhacktives or @cityournalism handles. Whereas the newsroom wants to maximize the reach and impact of its journalism, the sales side is rewarded for growing ad revenue, which could lead it to prioritize certain audience segments over others. As Jon explained, pixel tracks cross-platform and cross-device journeys as people (i.e. (At Vogue International we do this using PublishCheck, an analytics tool.). This class also asked students to create a Twitter Moment, tweets curated into a story. 55% of all pageviews get less than 15 seconds of attention — and yet the pageview is often privileged as the most important metric. I encouraged them to think about Tweetdeck searches they could have running for news in their patch. You can follow other journalism students and City and beyond. Visiting lecturer at City University. He’s now doing data at Google. To open any tweet to its own URL, click the timestamp. The Huffington Post uses the CTAs within IA, for example. Join us and guest Sovereign Syre as we talk about National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. You’ll need to click ‘Get Token’ check one of the options and authorise using your own Facebook profile. The Huffington Post has gone from posting 68 native Facebook videos last June to posting 302 in February this year. Chartbeat carried out some data analysis and made a clear discovery. A distribution strategy will include an SEO strategy, Facebook strategy, email newsletter strategy and aggregators such as Flipboard. I did use the system for a while but rarely use it now. Creative commons. You can find Sovereign on Twitter and on Instagram. Mark Little @marklittlenewsA former TV news reporter who founded Storyful, Mark is now in a senior role at Twitter. Lesson 1: The social, audience and growth roles within newsroomsLesson 2: Getting started on Twitter - a guide for student journalists, Tags: audience development interhacktives. Love It. Sarah Marshall grew up in Oregon and Hawaii and earned an MFA in fiction at Portland State University. Lantern replaces an earlier analytics tool which was “powerful but it user friendly”, Kaplan said. Chartbeat noted in May that mobile direct traffic started to eclipse Facebook traffic, suggesting readers were going direct to sites rather than accessing via Facebook. I have for years – particularly... Powered by Tumblr. Here is my advice on how to get to grips with Tweetdeck: Tweetdeck acts as a personal newswire. Facebook Live videos tend to hold people’s attention for longer, Corcoran said. But for many social media editors, their role extends to monitor trends, hot topics and news events via social. Look at example Moments on desktop and on mobile. Job ads sometimes ask for your handle and you can expect recruiters to scan your feed. We await her next move. can think about what Here are Haslanger’s points on the role of a growth editor: I manage an eight-person audience growth team and consider our function as supporting the audience growth of the network of Vogues and GQs. The keynote session was a conversation between the FT’s Renee Kaplan and The Guardian’s Mary Hamilton. Another example is this delightful story from the New York Times. Photo by Master OSM 2011 on Flickr. So the majority of shares came from reader shares (which includes several large pages sharing the story), 2. Delta National Small Print Exhibition (juror Charlotte Dutoit), Bradbury Art Museum, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, Jan. 21-Feb. 17 2020. Brian Stelter @brianstelterA former New York Times media reporter. Brand shares have become more challenging since the algorithm change. 36 / … Jon pointed out that Facebook has three acquisition tools for newsletter signups. Black Mountain Institute.’s “cheat sheet” has five data project ideas. Participation is something The Guardian is known for, whether soliciting reader photos or listening to comments. Rather than beats, NowThis reporters / producers are organised around platforms. For, example, India has a 75% read lift for IA. For example, if an audience development editor deduces from data that a reader who returns several times a month is more likely to subscribe than a one-time reader, he or she can then work out how to encourage repeat visits and take action. Corcoran shared trends discovered by diving into Newswhip’s social database. The Guardian is on a drive to encourage people to pay a monthly membership fee.